Parent Teachers Association Meeting 2021-22

Parent Teachers Association Meeting (11.30A.M to 01.00 P.M):2022-23

1 30-Apr-2022 Saturday Assignment for Summer Vacation
2 9-Jul-2022 Saturday Discussion over portion for Pre Mid Term Test (PMTT-1)
3 20-Aug-2022 Saturday Discussion over Result of PMTT1 & portion for MTT
4 15-Oct-2022 Saturday Result of MTT
5 15-Oct-2022 Saturday Result of MTT
6 19-Nov-2022 Saturday Portion for Post Mid Term Exam
7 14-Jan-2023 Saturday Result of Post Mid Term Exam (PMTT-2)
8 11-Feb-2023 Saturday Discussion over Final Exam
9 29-Mar-2023 Wednesday Final Result Declaration

Note:  Any change in Schedule will be informed in advance.