Priorities for Admission. The School follows the following priority for various categories for admission in the School:-

  • Children of serving Army personnel (including DSC), children of Army Widows and Children of those TA personnel who have a minimum of 10 years embodied service.
  • Children of Army Ex-Servicemen, DSC personnel retired with pension from DSC.
  • Children of serving Air Force and Naval personnel.
  • Children of Ex-Army personnel who left Army with minimum 10 years service but do not come in the category of ex-servicemen.
  • Progress Report Card. Students joining in mid term are required to submit their Progress Report Card.
  • Photographs. Three passport size photographs.


  • Children under ((5) to (9)) will be considered civil children for the purpose of admission.
  • Foreign/NRI children are allowed to be admitted. They have to produce their passport and valid visa for being checked by the school authorities. They have to prove their eligibility for admission to equivalent class in India. Sanction of the Chairman is required in each case.