Co-Curricular Activity 2021-22

110-04-2021Distribution of Cottage 10-04-2021House Meeting
224/04/2021Calligraphy (English/ Hindi)(Section wise)17/04/2021Class Board Decoration
326-06-2021Drawing Competition/Poster Making(section wise)24/04/2021Origami/Tangram
414-08-2021Cottage Board Decoration(Inter Cottage)26/06/2021House Board Decoration
528/08/2021Spell Bee (Inter Cottage)14/08/2021Inter House English Skit
630-10-2021EVS Quiz (Inter Cottage)28/08/2021Inter House Dance Competition
713-11-2021Maths Quiz (Inter Cottage)30/10/2021Slogan Writing (section wise)
808/01/2022Memory Test (Section wise)13/11/2021Inter House Maths Quiz
922-01-2022Card Making(Section wise)08/01/2022Classwise Spell Bee
1029-01-2022Hindi Skit (Inter Cottage)15/01/2022Painting Competition (section wise)
1112-02-2022Best out of waste (Section wise)22/01/2022Rangoli(section wise)
1226-02-2022Science Exitibition 29/01/2022Best out of Waste
13  12/02/2022Mock Parliament
14  19/02/2022Mosaic Competition 
15  26/02/2022English Extempore (Section wise)
Note :  Any change in Schedule will be informed in advance.